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CZECH Aerospace s.r.o.

CZECH Aerospace s.r.o.: "17. 8. 2006

We have had a few questions in on our thoughts on the recently announced plan to build the $4m 15 seat light utility aircraft, the Skylander by Geci International (France) in Portugal.
Apparently they are raising EUR125m for this venture, for a facility in Evora, Portugal.
First ofThis has been around for awhile going back to the Soul Air Show in October, 2001 when GECI and Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) signed an agreement to go ahead with it.
They then forecasted a market for what was then a 18 seater of up to 3500 units over 20 years in this category, of which the Skytrader was to get 30% of the market share, worth $3.5b ? Someone has been too optimistic about the market !
In short, there is a market for 19 seat utility twin turboprop, to replace the older DHC-6, EMB-110, etc. but at a price affordabel to commercial operators, no more than $2.8m by our estimate. The PZL M28 at $4.5m has been sold to Governments, as you cannot make a 19 seater work economically at that price. Price point is crucial, as is work force, southern Portugal is great for vacationing, but what history is there in building aircraft ? our opinion, it won't work.
Price is key in the commercial market, anything above $3.0m will not make economic sense."

Um dos meus PIN preferidos, o Skylander em Évora. De 6 em 6 meses anunciam que vão fazer e acontecer, mas há anos sem fim que a história se arrasta!
Talvez se esteja a aproximar do fim?

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