quinta-feira, 31 de julho de 2008

Portuguese Classmate PC to circumnavigate globe - The INQUIRER

Portuguese Classmate PC to circumnavigate globe - The INQUIRER: "WE'VE ALL READ ABOUT THE DEALS that Intel has brokered around the world to flog its netbooks/ nettops/ classmate PCs. What hasn’t been exactly clear in all this is: who’ll be in charge of actually building the computers?

Well, the Portuguese government and a local mayor have blurted out “Me! Me! Me!” in an excited frenzy, pointing out that a consortium of hardware makers – headed by Intel and a top Portuguese PC maker called “JP Sá Couto” – will setup shop in the Portuguese town of Matosinhos and start popping out netbooks and/or nettops under the 'Magalhães' brand (that’s the original name for Magellan, the 15th century Portuguese navigator) targeting the education market and more specifically, children aged 6 through 10.

The new factory will be located in the Freixieiro (“Fray-shee-ay-roh”) zone of Matosinhos, a highly industrialised location with more vowels than consonants, right next to IKEA’s brand new factory and close to JP Sá Couto’s own manufacturing facilities. According to the same source, the factory is expected to pop out 4 million cheap computers for both the domestic and international markets (no time frame), starting in early 2009. Those computers that will make it to Portuguese kiddies, will be"

Pois, a fonte não é grande coisa, mas gosto do estilo!

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